Where the content of WGES 2014 focused on creating a model for developing the green economy, and where WGES 2015 focused on the key elements for developing solutions for climate change and the green economy, WGES 2016 focuses on the character and elements of key drivers bringing about the global green economy:

1. Green Finance: Mobilising and Scaling

How to mobilise sufficient global green capital

2. Solar Energy: Global Leadership

World energy game changers bringing about the solar revolution

3. Smart, Happy & Green Cities

Transforming cities through happy citizens

4. Post Paris Climate Deal – Road to COP22

Bringing the Paris deal from agreement to action

5. Thought Leadership for the Green Economy

From Targets to Actions for the Green Economy


The implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through national action
plans and further actions by sub-national g bodies, businesses and civil society;


Mobilisation of public and private capital to finance climate adaptation/ mitigation and the green economy;


The rapid increase of renewable energy projects at ever lower costs per output unit,
and the use of data capture to make energy usage more efficient; and


how women and youth can help turn consumption more sustainable and how cities are the focal point for future low-carbon solutions.