The four programme themes of the WGES 2015 content framework were:

1. Green Economy Framework

Reinventing the global business framework and adapting national & regional regulations to foster a green economy.

Green Economy Market Place

Scaling Green Economy

Creating Green Public-Private Partnerships Frameworks

2. International Leadership

Showcasing and supporting international leaders, to drive change and support for the fight against climate change, and creating green business opportunities.

Commitments of the Dubai Declaration

Leadership in International Climate Change Regulations (Road to Paris)

Bottom-up efforts from business and cities

3. Global Partnerships

Developing and supporting partnerships to facilitate green economy projects and assure that partners join forces to assure the successful resolution of climate change.

South-South Trade for Green Economy

Building Green Public-Private Partnerships - Opportunities, Risks & Rewards

Catalysing action trough the Road to Paris

4. Innovation

Fostering and developing social, financial and business innovation; to develop the green economy and trigger successful actions and trends to combat climate change.

Social: New drivers combating Climate Change: Women, and youth

Business: New solutions for green financing and emerging markets

Technology: New solutions and approaches for a green economy