The following webinar will be conducted in preparation of WGES 2015 and the presentation of the PPP platform. This webinar will start with some topical introductory presentations, and will then allow the participants to react on the introductory presentations to discuss in depth the topic of the webinar. We will provide at the end to the participants a short summary of main outcomes of the webinar.

PPPs: Framework, Experiences and Opportunities (April 8th 2015)

During this webinar we will look at the current economic framework and its alignment with the development of a green economy and an increase in PPP projects. Based on this analysis, we will discuss what is needed to adapt this framework on a global, regional and national level. We will then discuss the actors that can facilitate this change, and how stakeholders can support and facilitate this. After this part on the framework, we will showcase experiences of PPP projects to explore how PPPs are operationalized. We will discuss these cases to understand the key success factors for PPPs, and the important risks to manage. Finally, we will look at the global development of green economy and discuss where in this development there are opportunities for PPPs.
We will be gathering at this webinar, representatives from international organizations, business, and financial institutions and investors.

Key Questions:

• Is the current economic framework aligned with the needs for a speedy development of the green economy?
• What are the key challenges and opportunities in developing green PPPs on a large scale generally, and in the Middle East?”
• What are the most important actors that must support and push this development?

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