During WGES 2016, the PPP Platform will take physical form, where it will be present across different themes, and will also have an exclusive space and workshops for specialised discussions. In this way, new partnerships will build on past examples of successful cooperation between our diverse stakeholders. The Platform is driven through the establishment of strong Global Partnerships with leading international organisations, providing tangible project opportunities and interactive setting. Within the PPP Platform, involved institutional partners will present a number of their upcoming projects and commercial partners will have the first hand opportunity to pitch their innovative solutions and establish transaction-driven relationships.

The programming of the PPP Platform will commence during Quarter 2 of 2016, where we are working closely with a number of institutional partners in defining the area and the content of the PPP sessions, such as:

  • Project providers: UNDP, IRENA, GGGI, Governments
  • Solution providers: ICC, Cleantech Clusters, integrators
  • Financial institutions: Development Banks, Climate Policy Initiative

Further to this, we are researching and inviting more than 100+ relevant buyers, sellers, and financiers for this transactional platform. Currently, the following subject matters are being investigated for PPP sessions:

  • Finance – financing building retrofit
  • Finance – financing renewable project pipelines
  • Renewable Energy – how to translate targets into scalable models (in conjunction with IRENA)
  • Waste – from waste to energy to the circular economy
  • Water – clean water to the world (in conjunction with the Water Aid Foundation)
  • Energy Storage – utility scale & decentralized
  • Big Data- how to use it for smart and sustainable management
  • Smart Cities, Smart Grid
  • Smart House

The PPP sessions will follow a structured process with a focus on presenting solutions and concluding on key next steps. These sessions will gather 25-40 people and have one host and 4-5 presenters.