Taking stock of 2014 Commitments

  • Dubai has developed WGES as a platform, from where green economy and business solutions will be showcased for the Dubai 2020 World Expo and UAE Vision 2021.
  • Through stakeholder engagement, Dubai has tracked the 2014 commitments and prepared for WGES 2015.
  • Dubai has attracted top institutional organisations such as UNDP, IRENA, UNIDO, GGGI and the International Chamber of Commerce to WGES as a means to develop the green economy.
  • Dubai has contributed to the COP21 solutions agenda by supporting the Road to Paris and meeting the French Government in October 2014
  • Through WGES, Dubai has developed a Public-Private Partnership Platform to facilitate matchmaking between cities, regions and utilities, solutions providers and financial institutions.
  • Dubai has used WGES to develop and showcase innovative financing for the green economy.
  • Through WGES, Dubai has showcased cutting edge innovation and developed discussions on the involvement of youth in the green economy agenda.
  • Dubai has published the Dubai State of Green Economy Report, which showcases all Dubai green economy projects and initiatives.