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Dubai Declaration


At the close of the World Green Economy Summit (WGES) 2015, the Second Edition of the Dubai Declaration was launched on the development of the green economy for Dubai and globally in alignment with the objectives of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

Thanks to our delegates, sponsors, and partners, WGES 2015 has become an international platform for knowledge sharing, strategic partnerships and developing solutions, under the theme ‘Global Partnerships for a Sustainable Future’.

By delivering on last year’s commitments, Dubai has proven its dedication to making Dubai the international ‘Capital of the Green Economy’, through a collaborative effort with strong international achievements.
WGES 2015 has built upon the key conclusions of WGES 2014, the most significant of which being the Dubai Declaration.
The Dubai Declaration, pledged WGES as a long-term development platform, in the aim of establishing Dubai as “The Capital of the Green Economy”. Key commitments in the Dubai Declaration include:

  • Developing WGES as a key global green economy platform
  • Establishing a Public-Private Partnership Platform to facilitate and showcase innovative projects, partnerships and technology
  • Develop innovative green financing mechanisms
  • Showcase technological innovation
  • Support a global agreement for climate change at COP21 through supporting The Road to Paris
  • Develop the State of the Green Economy Report

The Dubai Declaration is the strategic commitment underlying the development of the WGES, which has been formulated in alignment in with the long-term vision to develop Dubai into the ‘Capital of the Green Economy’.



Taking stock of 2014 Commitments

  • Dubai has developed WGES as a platform, from where green economy and business solutions will be showcased for the Dubai 2020 World Expo and UAE Vision 2021.
  • Through stakeholder engagement, Dubai has tracked the 2014 commitments and prepared for WGES 2015.
  • Dubai has attracted top institutional organisations such as UNDP, IRENA, UNIDO, GGGI and the International Chamber of Commerce to WGES as a means to develop the green economy.
  • Dubai has contributed to the COP21 solutions agenda by supporting the Road to Paris and meeting the French Government in October 2014
  • Through WGES, Dubai has developed a Public-Private Partnership Platform to facilitate matchmaking between cities, regions and utilities, solutions providers and financial institutions.
  • Dubai has used WGES to develop and showcase innovative financing for the green economy.
  • Through WGES, Dubai has showcased cutting edge innovation and developed discussions on the involvement of youth in the green economy agenda.
  • Dubai has published the Dubai State of Green Economy Report, which showcases all Dubai green economy projects and initiatives.

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